Automotive Repair & Maintenance

Automotive Repair & Maintenance

"Old Fashioned Service for Today's Automobile"

Our Warranty

All repairs come with a minimum one year/20,000 km on new parts and labour. Depending on the part replaced and the manufacturer, some parts often include warranties extending more than one year.

In this case, we honour the manufacturer’s warranty beyond our in house warranty for the maximum coverage.

We prefer not to install used parts, but when there is no other option; used parts come with a 90 day warranty and no labour warranty.

Warranty Approved Maintenance

Most people that purchase a new vehicle are led to believe that they must have all of their regular maintenance done at the dealership to keep their factory warranty in good standing.

This really is not true; we can take care of all your required scheduled maintenance and it will not affect your new car warranty.

This warranty is included in the price that you paid for the car and as long as the factory maintenance schedule is followed, your warranty will not be affected in any way.

Just keep our invoices showing that all scheduled maintenance was done at the appropriate mileage.

Each time your vehicle is in for service, we will advise you of what is required as per the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

We will also advise you of any other concerns, including anything that should be covered under your factory warranty.

This way, problems are caught and repaired and not overlooked until the warranty has ended.

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